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Movie Streaming Free Trials
Mar 4, 2021
Here's a list of movie streaming services currently offering free trials—including Netflix, Paramount+ and more.
Super Bowl Movie Spots
Feb 8, 2021
A round up of commercials from yesterday's Big Game. The event debuted movie spots for Coming 2 America, F9, Nobody, and M. Night Shyamalan's Old.
Watch: ‘F9’ Director Shows Off New Stunt
Feb 8, 2021
Take a second and check out all the crazy effort that went into a single "F9" car stunt
The Biggest Movie Crew Ever?
Feb 5, 2021
Let's check back in on Kevin Macdonald's new 'Life in a Day' project.
IMG 2240
Would You Watch a Movie in These Sunglasses?
Jan 25, 2021
The second edition of TCL’s video display sunglasses could be much improved from the first.
Swedish Film Fest Will Send Fan to Deserted Island?
Jan 13, 2021
That’s correct. From deserted island to streaming service viewing, festivals are rethinking all sorts of new ways to show movies.
'Struum' Will Try to Make Streaming Less Stressful
Jan 12, 2021
Finding new movies to watch can sometimes be more of a chore than a treat. This new app—Struum— will aim to fix that by syncing all your subscriptions into one place.
Inglourious Basterds
Movies in the Making: December 2020
Dec 17, 2020
Here’s a look at what filmmakers are pumping into that creative pipeline, even as teams wrestle with production in the time of coronavirus.
fake snow
How Do Filmmakers Fake Snow?
Dec 16, 2020
From cornflakes to CGI, here are the different ways filmmakers have attempted to make fake snow over the past century.
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