Interviews, photos, and other glimpses into the filmmaking process—in filmmakers’ own words.
A Piece of American Film History in Norway
Feb 25, 2021
An 1898 film reel uncovered in a Norwegian village offers a new glimpse into the history of “Something Good — Negro Kiss.” 
What We’re Streaming for Black History Month
Feb 24, 2021
Here's a roundup of how streaming services are highlighting content for Black History Month.
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Barb & Star Go To The Movies
Feb 20, 2021
Barb & Star—titular heroes of "Barb & Star Go To Vista Del Mar"—weigh in on some of their favorite flicks
Creating the Soundscape for "Nomadland"
Feb 19, 2021
A deep dive into the intricate but organic process behind the sound design of "Nomadland"
Inside the World of a Movie Set Photographer
Feb 18, 2021
As a unit still photographer, David Lee creates new takes on iconic movies. Here's a visual journey for you.
Sundance Film Festival
My Sundance Film Festival Diary
Feb 15, 2021
Marcus Hu is the co-founder of Strand Releasing, an independent film distribution company. In this article, he walks us through his 32nd Sundance experience.
Tilling the Cinematic Soil of Memory and Family
Feb 12, 2021
In making “Minari,” Lee Isaac Chung saw his parents—and himself—in a whole new light.
Inside Viggo Mortensen’s Directorial Debut
Feb 4, 2021
For the director and Oscar-nominated actor, “Falling” was an intensely personal journey
The Life of an Outsider, From Page to Screen
Jan 14, 2021
An in-depth look at filmmaker Ramin Bahrani's efforts to realize the award-winning novel "The White Tiger" as cinema.
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