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And the Oscar Goes To...
Apr 25, 2021
On Sunday (April 25th), the Academy revealed its 2021 Oscar recipients. Here are all the winners.
Chadwick Boseman Memoriam
Celebrating the Work of Chadwick Boseman
Apr 25, 2021
In tribute to Boseman’s life and work, we present eight key films that can help all of us appreciate the full range of his talent.
Cicely Tyson Memoriam
The Groundbreaking Career of Cicely Tyson
Apr 24, 2021
A trailblazer in the acting community on stage, television and the big screen, Cicely Tyson (1924-2021) was an inspiration to generations with her powerful, multidimensional portrayals of independent women in both dramas and comedies.
Olivia de Havilland Memoriam Image
The Resilience, and Remarkable Range, of Olivia de Havilland
Apr 23, 2021
The “Gone With the Wind” star’s death, less than a month after her 104th birthday, represents the end of an era.
Irrfan Khan Memoriam
Actress Freida Pinto Shares Her Essential Irrfan Khan Films
Apr 22, 2021
A longtime fan of Irrfan's work, Freida believes there is something for everyone in his repertoire. Here, she shares the movies that are closest to her heart.
Director Michael Apted’s Watershed Films
Apr 21, 2021
In honor of the recently passed prolific director, we look back at some of the films that defined him.
A Week-Long Warmup to the Oscars
Apr 20, 2021
Get up to speed on all the Oscars-related content coming your way this week.
Cloris Leachman's Six Decades on Stage and Screen
Apr 20, 2021
Here are just a few of the notable film performances in memoriam of the recently departed Cloris Leachman.
Hal Holbrook
The Versatility of Hal Holbrook
Apr 19, 2021
To celebrate the recently departed actor, here are ten of his most memorable performances.
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