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10 Movies on This Year's Makeup & Hairstyling Shortlist
Mar 7, 2021
It's shortlist season around here. These films recognized for achievements in filmmaking—Makeup & Hairstyling to be exact—will be up for Oscars nominations this month.
Get Familiar with This Year's International Films Shortlist
Feb 26, 2021
Movies from 15 different countries made this year's shortlist for Best International Feature Film. Take a look at the films eligible to be nominated for this year's Oscars.
10 Animated Shorts That Made This Year's Shortlist
Feb 17, 2021
We explain every animated short on this year's 1 sentence or less. These films will be considered for final nominations for the 93rd Academy Awards.
Listen to Every Oscar-Shortlisted Song
Feb 10, 2021
We made a Spotify playlist with all of the 15 original songs that made the 93rd Oscars shortlist. Give them a listen here.
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Listen to Every Oscar-Shortlisted Score
Feb 9, 2021
Behind every great movie, there's a great composer. Here are the 15 movie scores that made the shortlist for the 93rd Academy Awards.
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The Oscars Shortlist: Which Movies Made the Cut?
Feb 9, 2021
Nominations for the 2020 Academy Awards are still a month away, but Oscar shortlists for 9 different categories have arrived. See them here!
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What are Oscar Shortlists Anyway?
Feb 8, 2021
Get up to speed on Oscars shortlists, what they are, and what it means leading up to the announcement of nominations in March.
Backstage Oscars Photo
Check Out the New List of Eligible Movies for this Year's Awards
Jan 28, 2021
It's that time again. Awards season is here, and we have the proof. Check out this fresh new list—hot off the presses—of all the eligible films for Best Animated Feature, Best Documentary, and Best International Feature.
The 25 Latest Titles Inducted into the National Film Registry
Dec 15, 2020
“Shrek,” “Grease” and “The Joy Luck Club” will be preserved for posterity.
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