New Member: Neeta Lulla's Parade of Costumes

Neeta made her mark on the industry with her striking costume designs for numerous prestigious Bollywood productions. An outspoken opponent of gender-based violence, she has become one of the country’s most esteemed artists in her field, with work ranging from lavish costume epics to intimate musicals and domestic dramas.  

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Among her many credits, Neeta has gotten to design costumes for some of India’s biggest stars including Irrfan Khan, who enjoyed one of his best roles in this comic drama about a barber whose connection to a visiting movie star turns his life upside down. Neeta’s knack for using costumes to accentuate character is in full force here, including numerous wardrobes for villagers ranging from toddlers to senior citizens.

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One of Bollywood’s most frequently filmed tales is a flamboyant melodrama about a young heir, here played by matinee idol Shah Rukh Khan, whose rebellious choice of a bride sends him on an indulgent path to oblivion. So colorful it could melt your screen, this was one of the biggest hits of its year and served as a major calling card for Neeta’s formidable sense of design along with her three other peers on this production.  

Jodhaa Akbar
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One of the most ambitious epics from India in the new millennium, this sprawling saga depicts the romance between the title character, a sixteenth-century Mughal emperor, and the princess who steers his destiny. A powerful snapshot of Indian history, it also allowed Neeta and her team to devise a dazzling array of costumes for countless actors and extras who fill the screen.

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi
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Neeta’s most recent epic is another larger-than-life tale of violent conflict, this time focused on a female rebel leading a revolt against the exploitation of the British, embodied by the East India Company. Neeta pulls out all the stops here with a parade of costumes inspired by mid-19th century fashion for its military and civilian characters alike.

We Play with Our Lives
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A later period in colonialist rule is studied in this 1930s true story of an uprising from teenagers and their teacher after the British forbid them to play football. A fascinating history lesson and compelling drama at the same time, it also provides the opportunity for a close-up look at period fashions in all their rich and fascinating detail.

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