Filmmaker Picks

Academy members and industry insiders provide a glimpse into how they think by creating movie lists for film fans. From their all-time favorites to movies that will simply inspire, see the movies that filmmakers recommend most.
Port of Shadows
'Amélie' Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Top 5
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
North by Northwest
Costume Designer Ellen Mirojnick's Top 5
Ellen Mirojnick
Costume Designer
Edward Scissorhands
Costume Designer Holly Waddington's Top 5
Holly Waddington
Costume Designer
Blonde Venus
Costume Designer Jacqueline West's Top 5
Jacqueline West
Costume Designer
Safe Place
Cinematographer Edward Lachman's Top 5
Edward Lachman
Raging Bull
Cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto's Top 5
Rodrigo Prieto
Last Tango in Paris
Cinematographer Matthew Libatique's Top 5
Matthew Libatique
You're All Caught Up!
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