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Javier Bardem: Top 5 Favorite Films
Javier Bardem

Though he was born into a family of filmmakers that have ruled Spanish cinema since its early days, Javier Bardem has never lived in anyone else's shadow. The acclaimed actor first made a name for himself in his native country before gaining international recognition -- and his first Oscar nomination -- for his role in Julian Schnabel's Before Night Falls in 2000. He won Best Supporting Actor for his first American film, No Country for Old Men, in 2008, and earned another Best Actor nomination in 2011, for Biutiful. His most recent Best Actor nomination came this year, for his role as Desi Arnaz in Being the Ricardos. 

Here, he shares with A.frame his top five favorite films of all time.

All That Jazz

I don't know how little I was, but my mom wanted to see it, and she snuck me into the theater. I saw that movie. Those women, dancer women, ballerinas dancing with those bodies, very tight bodies, full of veins and blood, and this artist that is kind of suicidal... I mean, it was not a children's movie for sure, but, obviously, it had an impact on me. 

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

I saw E.T. 24 times in the movie theater. For me, it's a masterpiece, and it remains one of the most beautiful love stories of cinema history about two people that can see each other through the eyes of love rather than the eyes of fear. That resonated with me in the time when I was a kid, and it still resonates with me as every time I see it, I just go break into tears. I think it's a beautiful love story about two equals, two people who have been abandoned, one from his fellow aliens, and the other one from his own father.

¡Bienvenido, Mister Marshall!

[It's] directed by Jose Luis Berlanga, and written by himself and my uncle, Juan Antonio Bardem, a great writer, director. It's one of those movies where it's so perfect. It explains the landscape of the Franco regime, landscape, and their relationship with the America that everybody was dreaming of as the savior. It has such a great dark humor, and also, it's a biography of us as a society. It's a masterpiece – I highly recommend.

The Godfather
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Now, we jump into that world of The Godfather, of course. I mean, when you see all these actors in No. 1, No. 2, playing against each other with such an ease, such a depth, such an amazing material, such a strong, thorough storyline of family dependence, and loyalty, and honor, and murder, and violence, and guilt. It's an opera. It's the opera of boy-making. I mean, those movies would open my awareness of what performing is or what a performer would do. 

Raging Bull
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I mean, these movies would open my awareness of what performing is or what a performer would do… I remember in Raging Bull, I saw that with my father, and I asked him when the movie finished, "Who was that boxer?" He told me, "No, he's an actor." I said, "No, that cannot be true. He's a boxer. He boxes. He's a boxer." "No, he's an actor who prepared himself." I guess that made it click for me, like, "OK, I want to do that."

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