Jean Smart was honored with the 2,721st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, April 25. The actress, beloved by fans for her many memorable roles on stage and screen, received the honor with co-stars, friends and family in attendance. 

Though Smart kept her remarks short during the ceremony, expressing her gratitude to those who helped her throughout her decades-long career and "jumped through Covid hoops” to attend on Monday, she was lovingly celebrated by those closest to her. 

Representing the cast of Hacks - including co-stars Kaitlin Olson, Christopher McDonald and Johnny Sibilly who were in attendance - Hannah Einbinder took the stage to commemorate the "huge day."

"It's a huge day for Jean, of course, I mean, selfishly, it's also a huge day for me, because Jean could have asked any co-star from her illustrious career and well, I won. I won! I am the co-star," she joked. "You hear that Reese [Witherspoon] you hear that Kate Winslet, suck it [William] Shatner. It's me!"


Einbinder went on to praise Smart as a one-of-a-kind. "Her humor comes from the light within her soul, not the darkness. It comes not from her ego, but from her desire to make others feel good. I can't tell you how rare that is."

Smart’s friend, Joe Mantegna, read a message sent by Designing Women writer and executive producer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, who jokingly referred to the Emmy-winning actress as a "shameless scene-stealer."

"This genius for hire and five alarm thespian fire, this one in a million chameleon who can make ordinary seem normal and bring greatness down to human size as she soars like a glorious meteorite into the firmament of Hollywood's most legendary stars, shine on, sweet Jean, shine on," Bloodworth-Thomason said in her message. 


Mantegna, meanwhile, recalled meeting Smart when she was dating Richard Gilliland all those years ago. The couple met on the set of Designing Women and shared two kids, Connor, 32, and Forrest, 13. Gilliland died of a heart condition in March 2021. He was 71. 

"Jean has earned this star for her accomplishments as an actress," the Criminal Minds star said, "but the story behind the star is that she is equally to be honored for who she has been as a beloved wife to my dearest friend, a fantastic mother to two wonderful children and loving, generous and compassionate friend to all of us who know and love her."


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