New Member: Max Richter's Versatile Music

A prolific figure in the current music scene, Max works as a composer, pianist, producer, and collaborator in everything from synthesizers and computers to a full symphony orchestra. Classically trained at Edinburgh University and the Royal Academy of Music, London, he has proven his versatility from costume dramas to experimental animation and everything in between.

Ad Astra
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James Gray’s intimate space epic centers on astronaut Roy McBride’s (Brad Pitt) attempt to literally reconnect with his missing father. A delicate musical touch was required by the score, which deftly walks a fine line between the operatic and the meditative.

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A perilous frontier journey in the late 19th century is brought to vivid life in Scott Cooper’s acclaimed modern Western starring Christian Bale. Max’s score provides a textured backdrop for the unsparing setting, evoking the flavor of the American West while forging its own unique identity. 

Mary Queen of Scots
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The oft-told story of the tragic political clash between Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart is given a sumptuous treatment in Josie Rourke’s biopic anchored by leading performances by Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. The shimmering score adds a feeling of true grandeur to the film, with a central theme that’s both epic and heartbreaking. 

Miss Sloane
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The subtle, percolating score adds tension to this inside look at the perilous world of Washington, D.C. lobbyists, with the title character portrayed by Jessica Chastain embarking on a legal duel that results in a story as intense as any traditional thriller.

Waltz with Bashir
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In addition to composing, Max has served in several other capacities, including his work as the score mixer and producer as well as piano player for this groundbreaking Oscar-nominated animated international production. This fragmented, powerful snapshot of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon is also a crash course in moviemaking as seen through the eyes of a veteran film director.

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