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Introducing: New Member Christine Maier
Christine Maier

For over two decades, Christine’s award-winning work behind the camera has brought to life a number of powerful stories in European cinema. Whether you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy her work or are just hearing about her for the first time, here are some titles worth exploring.

For Those Who Can Tell No Tales
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One of the multiple films shot by Maier for director Jasmila Zbanic about the events and aftermath of warfare in Bosnia, this unflinching wartime drama spotlights a dancer from Australia whose encounters with the population and locations involved in war atrocities seep into her own heart and her artistic expression.

Life Guidance
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Life coaching is taken to a drastic extreme in this sci-fi parable from director Ruth Mader about the title agency devoted to letting people live their most productive lives – unless you do something the system doesn’t like. The gleaming aesthetic of a futuristic world is a striking backdrop here, with warm colors entirely sapped away.

Mademoiselle Paradis
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Barbara Albert’s delicate period piece set in 18th-century Vienna charts the true story of a blind piano prodigy who resorts to unorthodox treatments under her doctor’s care. The use of light itself is vital here to keep the audience within the perspective of its main character, whose virtual lack of sight is echoed with careful use of focus and indistinct background detail.

Quo Vadis, Aida?
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Zbanic’s Oscar-nominated drama set in Bosnia is based on true events involving the displacement of a local village invaded by the Serbian Army, with a translator among those who look for shelter. With its spare but compelling imagery, the film is a potent example of how cinematography and acting can work hand in hand to tell a story.

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