Olivia Wilde hosted our most recent watch party and boy was it a doozie. How can you find out about the next one? Well, follow us on Twitter, for starters.

Then relive the goofy memories from... last week. Not that long ago, but memories nonetheless.

1. Stay motivated.

Try a self-help speech by Maya Rudolph:

“Good morning, winner. Take a deep breath. Visualize the mountain of your success and look down at everyone who’s ever doubted you. F*** those losers. F*** them in their stupid f***ing faces.”

2. Read before sending.

Read twice before it becomes part of movie history.

3. Respect the creators that came before you.

And never, ever forget your team, especially the focus puller.

4. Always persevere.

Some of our greatest achievements were made under the most extreme circumstances. That, and unfortunately, homework never ends, no matter how old you are. So get it done.

5. Listen to Alanis Morissette.

Her timeless voice echoes our inner angst and frustrations. For her, it was Dave Coulier. For George, it was Alan.

6. Seize every moment.

Yeah, we thought graduation was overrated, too. But times like these help us realize what we missed.