If you go to the movies and don't get concessions, did you really go to the movies at all? And on Thursday, Jan. 19, you have even more reason to head to the theater and order some freshly popped corn in celebration of National Popcorn Day.

The Cinema Foundation, the new non-profit organization launched by the National Association of Theater Owners, is partnering with Fandango for a national campaign offering deals on — what else? — popcorn in over 3,000 movie theaters.

Depending on the location, the promotion could include a free small popcorn, free size upgrade, $1 off the regular popcorn price (or a percentage off), or a free popcorn with soda. As always, the amount of butter you put on said popcorn is entirely up to you!

New releases playing in theaters this month include M3GAN (hold your popcorn tub tight during those jump scares) and A Man Called Otto (the popcorn will be perfect for eating your feelings), along with House Party, Plane, and Saint Omer, and carryover box office hits from 2022 like Avatar: The Way of Water, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

Before you head on over to the cinema (or while you're in line to order your snacks) check out the Academy's ode to popcorn on the big screen below.


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