It only took 200 or so years, but we're finally getting the gay Pride and Prejudice of our dreams. Inspired by the classic comedy of manners, Fire Island stars Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang as best friends who embark on a summer trip to the iconically gay Fire Island Pines and find themselves in a very modern, very queer and very Jane Austen-y rom-com.

If you know your Jane, Booster's Noah is the Elizabeth Bennet and Bowen's Howie is Jane Bennet, making their respective love interests — Conrad Ricamora and James Scully — the Mr. Darcy and Charles Bingley. The inimitable Margaret Cho is Fire Island's version of Mrs. Bennet.

As scripted by Booster and directed by Spa Night's Andrew Ahn, the adaptation isn't as literal as that. As teased in the trailer, this version of the story features more dance parties, drag queens and Speedos than Miss Austen could have ever dreamt of, plus a supporting cast of scene-stealers including Matt Rogers, Tomas Matos and Torian Miller. Watch the trailer below.

Fire Island is streaming on Hulu starting on June 3.



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