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Stella Meghie Is Shaking Up Hollywood
Aug 6, 2020
As a teen, she had “I’m Every Woman” on repeat. Today, the writer-director is the woman at the helm of the Whitney Houston biopic, her third studio-backed feature.
An American Pickle
Simon Rich on the Wild Premise, and Real People, Behind “An American Pickle”
Aug 5, 2020
The screenwriter discusses his penchant for self-satirization and why Seth Rogen was his first choice to play a man brined in pickle juice for 100 years.
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Fighting for Authenticity in Casting
Jul 23, 2020
With every project she takes on, casting director Carla Hool carries the same critical mission: to open up possibilities for Latino actors.
Marcus Hu on the Legacy of New Queer Cinema
Jun 24, 2020
There was a feeling of wanting to tell our stories, wanting to see our images on screen, which wasn't being done before in a way that was positive.
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How a Producer Finds His Taste In Movies
Jun 10, 2020
“Certain writers, certain directors, and certain actors spoke to me. It just started to blossom into a really nice body of work that I consumed and integrated.”
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A cinematographer finds inspiration with #shotsinquarantine
Jun 10, 2020
It wasn’t long after coronavirus-quarantine orders shut down productions that cinematographer Lawrence Sher found himself needing a creative outlet.
Director Michael Showalter on Creating 'The Lovebirds' During a Pandemic (Exclusive)
May 20, 2020
Michael Showalter discusses the comedians that inspired him, his journey to directing, and his new movie "The Lovebirds"
How to Build a Coming-of-Age Movie for Girls
May 7, 2020
Director Coky Giedroyc thinks a great coming-of-age film has three things: It’s funny. It’s rude. And it’s honest.
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From Medicine to the Movies
Apr 30, 2020
Misan Sagay's journey from ER doctor to award-winning screenwriter
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