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Director Petra Costa on Her Personal Search for Art
Sep 25, 2020
From her sister’s suicide to the rise of fascism in her native Brazil, director Petra Costa has found a way to process her grief through film.
Alamo Drafthouse
In the Trenches With an American Cinema Chain Founder
Sep 23, 2020
Tim League on the ethos behind his independent movie house and innovating to survive a pandemic.
Bring It On
Director Peyton Reed Reflects on “Bring It On,” 20 Years Later
Aug 13, 2020
How a high school cheerleading comedy tackled white privilege and cultural appropriation and became a cult classic.
First Cow header
Director Kelly Reichardt on Crafting the Sounds of Silence in 'First Cow'
Jul 8, 2020
How much noise does it take to create quiet? A lot.
Movies Thou Wast Mild and Lovely-1200
The Poetry of Josephine Decker’s Movies
Jun 24, 2020
When I'm making movies, I think of it as a spiritual endeavor. It's about accessing the present.
Miss Juneteenth - header2
Making a Movie for My Daughter
Jun 18, 2020
Growing up, I yearned to have stories with women that looked like me. I was even more determined to get this film done because I needed to have something for my daughter that she's able to see when she gets to a certain age.
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'Never Rarely Sometimes Always' Filmmaker Eliza Hittman Explains Her Love for New York
Apr 1, 2020
A lot of times, I'm telling stories about people who are from New York, but are pushed to the margins. With this film, I wanted to take the outsider perspective.
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In Service of the Truth: Finding the Story in Documentary
Mar 19, 2020
When you're making a scripted film, you have more tools at your disposal. You can have more control of the frame and the spatial relations of your characters can help you tell the story. In a doc, you can't always create those dynamics.
Crip Camp
Documentaries Emerge Out of Relationships
Mar 19, 2020
In many cases, documentaries are as good as the relationships that you develop with people, and that requires spending a lot of time. Not just time filming, but time just being, time experiencing things together, time to build up trust.
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