What Paramount+ Adds to the Streaming Mix

There has been no shortage of streaming platform debuts in 2021. Just weeks ago, Discovery+ and Documentary+ made their premieres, and on March 4th, another platform (fond of the same math symbol) will add itself to the mix: the newest venture from ViacomCBS Paramount+.

What's Paramount+?

Technically speaking, Paramount+ isn’t a novel entry into the crowded streaming marketplace. Rather, it’s the new face of CBS All Access, a platform that has been around in various forms for about six years now.

Thanks to a 2019 merger, the media conglomerate behind the service now owns a vast collection of properties. These include—but are not limited to—CBS and Paramount Studios, as one might guess, but also MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Showtime, and even the Smithsonian Channel. That’s a lot of television. But, the platform plans to take things to the next level for movie lovers too.

In keeping with the streaming competition, Paramount+ will see some movies (like The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run and just-announced Paranormal Activity sequels) debut immediately and exclusively on the platform. Other tentpoles (like A Quiet Place Part II and Mission: Impossible 7) will bow first in movie theaters, but then quickly head to Paramount+ not too long after that.

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So, while we wait for Emily Blunt’s next horror film and Tom Cruise’s next heist movie, there’s plenty else to watch on this new streaming platform.

Here are a few titles that will be making our Paramount+ watch list...

'The Godfather' trilogy
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Paramount+ is the exclusive keeper of a handful of essential movie franchises, not the least of which is Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic trilogy. If you have the time to kill (the movies run about three hours each), it’s the perfect place to study up on all things mafia before checking out Coppola’s new edit of the final film, which released to VOD in December under the new title The Godfather Coda.

'Indiana Jones' series
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It’s been far too long since we enjoyed Harrison Ford bringing all the charisma in the world to Indiana Jones, our favorite archaeologist. Although production on the fifth franchise entry is stalled due to COVID-related delays, that gives us plenty of time to watch the first four on Paramount+ before the next one’s slated 2022 release, which won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 1985 at the 57th Academy Awards.

'Star Trek' saga
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Perhaps Paramount+’s most distinguished offering is its lineup of original Star Trek TV series.

Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks on the streaming platform are everything that a Trekkie could hope for. But, revisiting the original Star Trek films can only help in providing some essential, nerdy context—and a Paramount+ subscription includes a few things that Hulu or Amazon Prime don't without a rental fee.

Namely? Star Trek IV, VII, and VIII.

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We all have guilty pleasures, don’t we? This 1999 SNL Studios comedy is one of our favorites, and many of the Molly Shannon quotes still play on a loop in our minds.

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This sensational biopic about Elton John (whose “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” tune won him an Oscar for Best Original Song) might be available on some other platforms right now, but it’s a delightful example of the quality of Paramount movie titles that will eventually fill the new streamer’s digital library. Other titles in that vault include The Hunger Games movies and many of the James Bond installments.

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