Gina Prince-Bythewood: My Favorite Unconventional Love Stories
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Gina Prince-Bythewood

I love a great love story, the kind that wrecks you, then builds you back up. The best love stories are stories that are about more than just a relationship. They focus on two characters who are striving for something, and the love story emerges from that. 

The Graduate
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I was lucky enough to see this film on the big screen in film school. Absolutely shaped my use of songs for score. The soundtrack fueled the love story, heightened the emotion, heightened the visuals.

Slumdog Millionaire
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I am so enamored by the storytelling of this film. The structure is brilliant. It is such an incredibly unique love story. I am in it from the moment the two meet as kids. An incredible feat to find sweetness in such a dark journey.

Broadcast News
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Some may argue that this isn't really a love story because she doesn't get the guy at the end, but its the journey that is so dope. Jane (Holly Hunter) is a revelation as a character. Changed the game for leading women and who they could be. The characters are so well-drawn. You are rooting for all of them.

Out of Sight
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The chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney is insane. So much is said in just a look. The scene at the bar is just perfect writing, perfect acting, and shot beautifully. The movie is sexy as hell, but also, an incredible crime story. I can watch this a hundred times and never tire of it.

Man on Fire
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Yes, this is absolutely a love story. Between a suicidal mercenary and a lonely young girl. It's just platonic. Denzel and Dakota are brilliant. Their chemistry is so special, and feels so real and in the moment. They need each other, and they save each other, and you are left wrecked in the best way.

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