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Movies That Will Make You Want to Call Your Dad
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Life gets busy and we forget to call our dads. It happens. Here are movie suggestions for some added inspiration to give your father figure a ring before June 21.

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The real force behind this VFX-heavy, Oscar-winning sci-fi film is the love between astronaut Coop (Matthew McConaughey) and his daughter Murph (Jessica Chastain). On a mission to find a more habitable planet for humanity, Coop travels across galaxies and through black holes, but loses touch with Murph in the process. It’s the way that time and space test their relationship that makes Interstellar an emotional epic.

Finding Nemo
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Also Taken (2008) and Missing (1982). This unlikely action-animation-political thriller trio has one thing in common: dads who will stop at nothing to find their children!

A Little Princess

The importance of a rich imagination is clear in Academy member Alfonso Cuaron’s second feature film, and young Sara’s has been blossoming thanks to a father who tells her vivid bedtime stories. But when he’s called to war and Sara enrolls in boarding school, the cruel and bitter headmistress tries to put a stop to all of her dreaming. Her love for her father, and the creativity he gave to her, helps her to survive.

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Consumed with women, cars, drugs, and newfound stardom, actor Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) doesn’t often think about his young daughter Cleo (Elle Fanning). So when she shows up unexpectedly at Johnny’s Chateau Marmont residence, his playboy lifestyle must slow down a bit. The more they bond, it’s clear that Somewhere is more about the impact of a daughter on a father than the other way around.

Toni Erdmann

Embarrassing dad moments are not limited to teenage years. After the death of his only pet, single father Winfreid travels to Romania to visit his working professional daughter Ines... completely unannounced. Without her blessing, he begins a long-term prank, visiting Ines’ company receptions and beginning relationships with her coworkers under the alter ego “Toni Erdmann” (the getup involves a black wig and a set of false teeth).

Boyz n the Hood
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The late John Singleton definitely had fatherhood on the mind while making his debut feature (for which he received Directing and Writing Oscar nominations). As Boyz n the Hood traces the lives of three young Black individuals -- first as boys, then as young men -- in South Central LA, it highlights the differences between those who grew up with father figures and those who didn’t.

Father of the Bride
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Walking their daughter down the aisle may not always be a father's favorite past-time, and George Banks (played by Academy member and Oscar host Steve Martin) in Father of the Bride is no exception. His 22-year-old daughter’s sudden engagement to a man she just met is a most unwelcome surprise, and George enters wedding planning kicking and screaming. Behind Martin’s hijinks, there’s real heart.

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