As movie lovers, we all know how hard the pandemic has hit theaters (especially small local ones). But have you ever thought about its impact on the popcorn market—and all the corn farmers who rely on it?

We didn’t, but Thrive Market did. 

“A lot of popcorn is specifically grown for movie theaters. And with all of them closed, it was just sitting there, filling all of these farmers’ silos,” a representative for the online grocery company tells Variety.

Evidently, not all popcorn kernels are made equal. As it turns out, it’s the mushroom kernel variety that’s usually available for purchase at grocery stores, while the fluffier butterfly variety gets sent to theaters.

But that didn’t happen last year, so Thrive acted quickly to prevent some 15 million pounds of surplus butterfly kernels from going to waste. They’ve launched a new movie theater-style popcorn product, which is finally available for purchase on the e-commerce site.

“We were able to be part of a solution that helps support growers, reduces food waste and lets our members replicate the full movie experience from home,” says Thrive.

15 million pounds sounds like a lot of popcorn, but at $2 a bag it might go quick.