By now, it’s no surprise that here at A.frame we love a list.

That’s why we’re so intrigued by new technology on the Movies Anywhere app that should, hypothetically, make the movie watch list of our dreams.

How, you ask? Well, the app plans to make the most of its key feature. Because it already functions as the hub for all movies you’ve purchased across iTunes, Prime Video, Vudu, Blu-ray, Google Play, Xfinity, DirecTV and more, Movies Anywhere knows a bit about what you like.

Based on tags like genre, theme, franchise, actor, director, composer, et cetera, the service will run an analysis of your library to come up with a highly customized, curated list of additional movie suggestions.

A look at the interface of the Movies Anywhere app.

What’s nice is that you can take what you like and leave the rest—if you don’t jive with a certain recommendation, the “automatic lists” can be modified.

To see what the new algorithm has to say about your own movie collection, just log in to the Movies Anywhere app from any phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.