With the ever-expanding role of digital technology in cinema, the possibilities for what can happen on the screen feel increasingly limitless.

But how do we make sure that the spirit of the movies is enhanced by these exciting technologies, and not dominated by them?

That's a question posed by the Academy's Science and Technology Council, a group of Academy members committed to upholding excellence in film technology. To attempt to answer it, the council is hosting a video program, Virtual Production: Are You Game?

Underwater motion capture on the set of 'Avatar 2'.

Featuring panelists and Academy members including Jon Favreau, Industrial Light & Magic's Janet Lewin, Epic Games' Kim Libreri, visual effects supervisor Ben Grossmann and a host of other filmmakers from a variety of Academy branches, the program takes a deep look into the future of the technology of cinema, with exciting examples from some innovative productions that pushed the medium forward, including Avatar, The Lion King and The Mandalorian

For any fan of cinema—and anyone interested in what its future might be—you don't want to miss this. Check it out right here

The Academy established the Science and Technology Council in 2003.