How'd you like to watch super high definition video right in your sunglasses? Stream a movie straight to your spectacles? Any takers?

TCL, known for offering bold, high-end tech products, has a new and improved version of their high-resolution video goggles that they released last year—known as Project Archery 2.0. Although it remains just a concept at this point, and not ready for the market just yet, that could change relatively soon.

This time around, TCL’s Project Archery 2.0 boasts the same basic setup—twin micro OLED displays, each running at Full HD resolution (behind polarized sunglasses lenses)—but with much better resolution and reportedly much more comfortable. It will also have some new features:

  • This version will be more stable to wear, which is especially important since you select menu options with head gestures. Plus, it would be good to avoid a headache if possible.

  • Now there's a full headband, with a tightening knob at the back that ratchets the band around your head as you turn it. This will make the new version more comfortable, according to the company.

  • Speakers in the sides are included, but you can also connect to Bluetooth headphones or simply plug in headphones for private listening.

Though there's no specific release date or price point yet, these hi-def goggles point to the beginning of a credible, burgeoning revolution in high-tech home theater. We’re looking forward to hearing what film fans have to say about it.