Everyone knows Robert Downey Jr., the two-time Oscar-nominated actor, producer, and Iron Man himself. Fewer people are perhaps familiar with the work of Robert Downey Sr., something that the younger Downey set out to change with Sr.

The documentary is an opportunity for RDJ to spotlight his father's own movie-making. Downey Sr. was also an actor and counterculture filmmaker who directed underground films such as Putney Swope and Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight throughout the '60s and '70s. His final film was 2005's Rittenhouse Square, a documentary about the titular Philadelphia park.

As directed by American Movie filmmaker Chris Smith, Sr. is also a portrait of how a rule-breaking father birthed a rebellious son, and the duo's bond through it all. The film was shot over three years, up to Downey Sr.'s death in 2021.

"It was this idea that films kind of brought us together, and to this day, still do," Downey Jr. says in the trailer. "Whatever's unfolding – funny or tragic – it's happening with the camera going..."

Sr. is streaming on Netflix on Dec. 2. Watch the trailer below.



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