Rebecca Hall must be getting used to feeling haunted. Following 2020's atmospheric horror movie, The Night House, in which she starred as a widow experiencing nightmares and disturbing visions of a ghostly figure, the actress returns to the genre in the psychological thriller Resurrection.

Hall plays single mother Margaret, who finds her life upended by the unwelcome arrival of a man, David (Tim Roth, a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee for Rob Roy), from her past — a man she worked very hard to escape. With his presence resurfacing past horrors, Margaret is forced to fight for her safety... and sanity.

The thriller, which premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival and was hailed as "one of the more intrinsically frightening evocations of a traumatized mind" and "stone-cold bonkers horror," hails from writer-director Andrew Semans (Nancy, Please).

"When trying to come up with a story, I'll often start by thinking about something that really terrifies me, some fundamental fear that I have, in the hope that it'll inspire an idea," Semans says. "In this case, I got to thinking about fears around parenthood — specifically the fear that your child or children are vulnerable and you will be unable to keep them safe."

Resurrection opens in theaters July 29 and on-demand on Aug. 5. Watch the trailer below.



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