Real Women Have Curves is considered one of the most influential movies of the 2000s.

Originally written for the stage when she was only 18, playwright Josefina López later adapted it for the big screen (with the help of George LaVoo), and the film was released in 2002. The story of protagonist Ana García (played by now-famous America Ferrera) would go on to become one of the most definitive coming-of-age characters in movie history. We were lucky enough to link up with the cast & crew for our most recent #WatchWithTheAcademy — and learned up some super-interesting stuff.

Here are some things you didn't about the making of Real Women Have Curves and the inspiration behind it. Read on, reader.

1. Josefina López wrote 'Real Women Have Curves' at 18.

2. The budget for the film was $3 million.

3. López's family actually worked in a factory like the one in the movie.

4. Her family also inspired the movie's message.

5. It would be awesome to sip some beers with George.

6. "Telenovela moment" wins the phrase of the day.

7. They had to make Carmen less mean.

8. The airport location was shot in an office building.

9. Ana's father was actually a railroad worker (not a gardener).

10. Ana's grandfather's gold cave story was from real life.

11. Broadway version is now in development.