X, writer-director Ti West's grindhouse throwback about would-be pornographers and the homicidal elderly couple who hosts them at their remote farmhouse, starred Mia Goth in dual roles: As aspiring actress Maxine and (thanks to extensive old age prosthetics) as the murderous Pearl.

Now, A24's newest horror flick, Pearl, reveals the "X-trordinary" backstory of the titular murderess. The movie is set 60 years before X, in 1918, when Pearl lived on her family's isolated farm with her devoutly religious mother and ailing father. Dreaming of life on the big screen, Pearl (also Goth) lets her ambitions, well, get to her.

"I know what I've done — bad things, terrible, awful, murderous things," Pearl says in the movie's trailer, over blood-splattered footage of her doing said murderous things. "I want to be loved from as many people as possible. But truth is, I'm not really a good person."

If you want to survive Pearl's killing spree, stay out of her way — and avoid alligators at all costs. The prequel, which was shot in secret back-to-back with X, is directed by West from a script he co-wrote with Goth (in her first screenwriting credit) and co-stars David Corenswet, Tandi Wright, Matthew Sunderland and Emma Jenkins-Purro.

Pearl hits theaters September 16. Watch the full trailer down below.



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