There’s nothing normal about the movie world right now, but remembering that there are a few projects actively filming helps us feel like it hasn’t stopped spinning completely. Even as nearly all studio tentpoles have vacated 2020, Academy members are doing all they can to ensure there’s content worth watching a year from now, and beyond. Here’s a look at what filmmakers are pumping into that creative pipeline, even as teams wrestle with production in the time of coronavirus:

Don’t Look Up

It’s already too much for us that Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio share the screen—as rookie astronomers warning the world of impending meteorite apocalypse—in Adam McKay’s comedy Don’t Look Up, now shooting in Boston. What we can’t quite process is the film’s supporting cast list (many of whom have been photographed recently in Beantown), made up of Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet, Chris Evans, Jonah Hill, Tyler Perry, Meryl Streep … Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi? We’re thinking a good number of those might be cameos a la McKay’s The Big Short, only this time breaking the fourth wall to explain astronomy as opposed to finance.

He’s All That

Anyone who planned to get a COVID test on December 1 in Los Angeles is well aware that a She’s All That remake is underway in the city. The night before, those with appointments at the Union Station location got an email saying that their tests had been cancelled ... due to a movie shoot (a valid excuse pre-pandemic, but less so in the midst of a public health crisis). The mayor got involved, righted the wrongs and the train station ended up hosting both those seeking free public testing and those shooting the movie amidst LA’s new targeted stay-at-home order. Among those on set for the Miramax feature (titled He’s All That, a gendered spin on the 1999 film) are original writer R. Lee Fleming, Jr. and TikTok breakout Addison Rae in her first film role, as a social media influencer, fittingly.

The Mad Women’s Ball

While best known for her turn as vengeful mastermind Shosanna in Inglourious Basterds, we’re here to remind you that Mélanie Laurent is at the height of a prolific directing career as well. Since 2011, Mélanie has seen five features to completion, and she’s currently working on two more: The Nightingale starring the Fanning sisters and The Mad Women’s Ball starring herself. The latter—which started filming in western France just a few weeks ago—is a psychological thriller set amidst the misogyny of late 19th century psychiatry, when it was fashionable to pathologize and institutionalize women for being strong-willed and independent. Mélanie plays one such hospitalized woman, who conspires (with what we hope is a vindictiveness that would make Shosanna proud) to make a scene at her ward’s annual ball.

Header image of Mélanie Laurent as Shosanna in Inglourious Basterds