Getting a little stir-crazy? Here's a list of movie streaming services currently offering discounts or free trials. Should give you plenty of content to help burn off some of that pent-up extra energy.

Unfortunately, you'll have to bring your own popcorn.

Movie Streaming Free Trials

Need new movies to stream? Sick of buying them every time this happens? Fear no more. Here's a list of movie streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount+ and more that are currently offering free trials or streaming promos for movie fans at home.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has a huge selection of movies and TV—some free, some for rental or purchase—and is currently offering a 30-day free trial. Click the link below to check it out. Helpful hint: if you sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial and are also interested in STARZ, make sure to sign up for both free trials (using the link below under 'STARZ').

Apple TV+

Given the major summer movie release of Greyhound, Apple TV+ is currently giving away their arsenal of TV and movies free for 7 days. Then you'll have to join the rest of us on the dark side and pay $4.99/month.

DC Universe

DC Universe officially launched in Sep. 2018 to give DC Comics fans a central hub to watch everything from their back catalog. Click the link below to learn more about its 7-day free trial.


This platform gives you access to TV & movies from Disney, PIXAR, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. However, the company stopped offering a free trial during summer, 2020. Still, you can click here to find out how much it will cost to sign up for Disney+.

Disney+ Premier Access

What's the difference between Disney+ and Disney+ Premier Access? Good question. In response to the overall inability for movie fans to head to theaters across the country, Disney has launched this separate feature of Disney+ for fans to watch certain new releases but at a slightly greater cost. The first film trotted out under the Premier banner was the live-action Mulan back in September; the next was in March—for Raya and the Last Dragon.

Given its focus on a la carte, premium films, Disney+ Premier Access does not offer any free trials. But if you're interested in forking over a little extra for one of these two films or any of the future releases to Disney+ Premier Access, you can do more homework on their webpage.

Film Movement Plus

Film Movement Plus provides cult classics, documentaries, short films and more from any device. Check out their 30-day free trial in the link below.


The HBO-anchored streaming service packed with extra shows and movies finally arrived in May, 2020. Like Netflix and Disney+, HBO Max has a sprawling catalog of hit shows and movies. It's $14.99/month, but lucky you—right now they're offering a free, 7-day trial. Click on the link below to sign up and watch some awesome stuff for free. Until next week, of course.


Hulu is giving movie fans access to their giant catalog for one month free. Hooray!

IFCFilms Unlimited

IFCFilms offers their content in an online platform called IFC Films unlimited, which—similar to STARZ—is partnered with Amazon Prime. You'll have to sign up for the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial additionally, but you can get IFCFilms Unlimited for 7-days just by heading to the website linked below.


Netflix has a strong free trial, offering 30 days of free entertainment for new members. They'll also email you three days before your trial ends so you cancel before getting charged.


Paramount+ is ViacomCBS' streaming platform, released in 2021. It offers several different options for plans: limited commercials or commercial-free, as well as monthly or annual payment options. Plans start at $5.99 per month. Fortunately for you, you can sample this new streaming platform totally free for a month. You can cancel anytime, but hurry if you're reading this. The offer expires at the end of Mar. 2021. Click the link below to get your Paramount+ free trial.


SHOWTIME charges $10.99, but you can sneak a free ticket to their entertainment for 30 days via the link below.


If you're looking for a good scare or two, or maybe a shudder, be sure and check out this unique horror & thriller streaming service. Plans are only $4.75 per month, but you can get 7 frightful days for free right now.


STARZ is offering—until March 14—six months' access to their catalog for only $2.99 a month. Keep in mind though, the STARZ operation is bundled up with Amazon Prime.


For 7 days, you can stream SUNDANCE NOW's impressive assemblage of "captivating stories, unforgettable characters" for free.


Get access to Crunchyroll, NickSplat, Boomerang, Rooster Teeth and more top notch anime through VRV Premium. The service is now available for a free, 30-day trial.

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