Ever finish a movie and, while the credits are still rolling, find yourself scrolling the internet to find out more about that movie? Maybe you want to know who directed it, wrote it, shot it, and what other films they've made. Or perhaps you want to hear stories about what went on behind the scenes. We've been there, too. Luckily, there's a podcast available for every type of cinephile, with shows focusing on everything from your favorite filmmaker's favorite films to the untold stories of Hollywood history. Read on to find the movie podcast that best suits your listening needs.


Black on Black Cinema

On air since 2012, hosts Jay, Micah, Terrence and T'ara choose a new Black film to discuss each week, alternating between recent releases and movies from the '70s, '80s and '90s, alongside episodes about social issues and culture at large. Come for insightful film dissection, stay for one of the funniest podcasts around.

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Blank Check

Hosted by Griffin Newman and David Sims, Blank Check is focused on looking at directors' entire filmographies — specifically, directors who have been written a "blank check" from Hollywood create films about whatever they please. Thus far, they've covered auteurs like Sam Raimi, Christopher Nolan and Nancy Meyers, to name a few.

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The Directors Series

Hosted by filmmaker Cameron Beyl, this podcast is exactly what its name suggests: A series dedicated to "appreciating and deconstructing" the work of esteemed directors, from their earliest work to Oscar wins and everything in-between. "Seasons" of the show have focused on Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher and Sofia Coppola, and the episodes are just 15 minutes long.

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Originally launched in 2005 as the radio show Cinemascoped, Chicago-based podcast Filmspotting is now one of the longest-running (and most beloved) film pods out there. Hosts Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen start each episode with a review, paired with must-hear Top 5's and insightful director interviews.

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Films to Be Buried With

Comedian, Ted Lasso star and podcast host Brett Goldstein has a simple question: What films would you be buried with? Each episode, Goldstein sits down with guests like Judd Apatow, Barry Jenkins and Edgar Wright to discuss their lives in movies and decide which film they're taking with them into the hereafter.

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How Did This Get Made?

Hosted by actors and comedians Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas, How Did This Get Made? attempts to answer they very question: How do so-bad-they're-good movies get made? Since its inception in 2010, the series has also birthed a number of spin-off podcasts, including Unspooled, Scheer's podcast about classic films (which is also worth a listen).

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The Rewatchables

A movie podcast from The Ringer, The Rewatchables features host Bill Simmons and a roundtrable of commentators discussing movies that — you may have guessed from the title — they can't stop watching. In typical Ringer fashion, the pop culture commentary is witty and well-informed. Make sure you listen to the Top Gun episodes, it's a standout.

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Scriptnotes is a weekly podcast that started in the summer of 2011, covering screenwriting and all things interesting to writers. The podcast is hosted by John August (who scripted 2003's Big Fish, among many more titles) and Craig Mazin (who's gone from writing Scary Movie 3 and The Hangover Part II to the Emmy-winning Chernobyl), with new episodes dropping every Tuesday.

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The Wandering DP Podcast

The Wandering DP Podcast is about all things cinematography, breaking down techniques and camera recommendations alongside discussions about the future of filmmaking. The show also features in-depth interviews with professional directors of photography (including Oscar nominee Rachel Morrison), making it a worthwhile listen for aspiring DPs and general movie fans.

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You Must Remember This

Anyone who's interested in forgotten Hollywood history will love You Must Remember This. Host Karina Longworth, the founder of Cinematical.com, takes listeners through extensively-researched tales of films, stars and scandals of the 20th century. Standout episodes revisit everything from Marilyn Monroe to the Manson Family, Joan Crawford to the Cold War blacklist.

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The A24 Podcast

The real draw of A24's podcast is the pairing up of guests: Simon Rex and Angus Cloud! Ari Aster and Robert Eggers! John Early and Toni Collette! Above all else, the A24 Podcast is a one-stop shop to geek out over your faves as they geek out of their faves. (A24 also uploads a transcript of each episode to their website.)

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