Calling all Miyazaki fans: You're definitely going to want to pick up this beautiful new book.

Or, for the layman, if you’re just feeling a bit rusty on your Japanese animation trivia, here's a great way to brush up on it.

Leading up to the opening of the Academy Museum and the inaugural Hayao Miyazaki exhibition on Sept. 30, a complementary hardcover catalog will be published on Sept. 7.

The book, sure to be a collector’s item for Studio Ghibli enthusiasts, showcases hundreds of original production materials and pieces of artwork from Miyazaki’s movies, many of which have never been seen outside the Japanese animation house.


And the movie-centric publishing spree doesn’t stop with Miyazaki: Come next April, more Academy Museum catalogs on Spike Lee and Pedro Almodóvar will hit the shelves.

Let all of this also serve as a subtle reminder to GET YOUR TICKETS to the Academy Museum—if you haven’t already.