We all love Lucy—and know her as a pioneering comedian, actress and studio exec (the first female to head a major Hollywood studio, in fact).

But now that some archival recordings have surfaced, we’re getting to see another side of Academy member Lucille Ball: that of podcast host … way before podcasts were a thing.

Starting this week, SiriusXM will broadcast all 240 installments of Let’s Talk to Lucy, a 10-minute radio show Ball hosted during the ’60s.

The original interviews feature her peppy, armchair conversations with the likes of Mary Tyler Moore, Barbra Streisand and even legendary costume designer Edith Head.

And when Sirius releases Let’s Talk to Lucy in podcast form at the end of the month, modern-day celebrities like Tiffany Haddish, Debra Messing and Amy Poehler join the lineup. They too will answer Lucy’s questions, making for a fascinating podcast convo between comedians across generations.

Photo by Gene Lester/Archive Photos/Getty Images