Loren Bouchard says he had a simple to do list when his team set out to make The Bob's Burgers Movie: 1) not ruin the TV show, and 2) make something that was unquestionably a movie.

"We wanted to make a movie only if we could do a good job on both things at the same time," Bouchard tells A.frame. "Then the next goal was to make something that could truly be a movie. All of us who work on the show love movies, and it was very exciting to be able to make one."

"The fact that it's an adaptation of an existing television show had had to be both our everyday reality and also something that we almost tried to ignore at the same time," he says. "We had to make it a movie that slots right into the TV show and leaves no fans disappointed. We also had to make a movie that could live without the TV show."

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Bouchard and his team, including longtime series director Bernard Derriman, aim to delight both fans who watched every one of the show's 12 seasons as well as those who have never seen a single episode. But to do that, they had to find a story they hadn't already tackled.

"If there's somebody out there who hasn't seen the show and walks into the theater, I want them to have the feeling like, 'Holy crap, what a good movie!'" Bouchard shares. "And they may or may not want to go see the TV show after, and that is absolutely fine."

"One of the urges is to make your world bigger," he continues. "And we didn't want to get tempted by that. We made it a little bigger here and there. We pushed out at the seams a little bit but what we ended up trying to do instead was make it deeper. We knew we wanted it to be a mystery because we love that genre. And we knew it would give us higher stakes."

For more on the making of The Bob’s Burgers Movie, watch the video below. 

The Bob’s Burgers Movie opens in theaters on May 27.


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