Global Movie Day is here – and there are so many ways to celebrate. The holiday, established by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2020, is held every year on the second Saturday of February. 

The special day is a great time for film fans around the world to revisit and commemorate their favorite movies and engage with Academy members and filmmakers across social media. This year, the Academy teamed up with five artists around the world to showcase their illustrations inspired by their favorite movie genres. 

From Africa to Asia and Europe, to North America and South America, the artists span five continents around the world – and their work is sure to inspire – or at least remind you of your favorite films. Check out their illustrations below. 

Magnus Voll Mathiassen

The Norwegian artist, also known as MVM, has created a name for himself across the industry, creating portraits for The New Yorker, artwork for Apple, and music design for artists including Rihanna and Lauryn Hill. MVM’s illustration perfectly captures his favorite genre, sci-fi, which he loves for its “space to create worlds where one can question anything about humanity and society."


Giselle Matz

Giselle Matz, a designer and illustrator from Miami, focuses on inclusivity, social issues, femininity, self-love and mental health advocacy in her work. And, it’s clear from her illustration that she’s a big fan of fantasy and Japanese cinema, like Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 film My Neighbor Totoro. “Movies invite us to step into a world of fantasy and grant a tangible way to dream while we're awake,” Matz says. 


Maxime Manga

Cameroon-born and based artist Maxime Manga leans into a self-described “Afrofuturistic” style by manipulating classic photography and geometric shapes with vibrant colors reflective of his African culture. Manga’s favorite genre, drama, “portrays reality quite honestly and it’s empowering,” he says. “This is what I seek through my creations. Use diversity to create uniqueness.” 


Camila Rosa

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, artist Camila Rosa approaches her work by focusing on social issues and women, portraying emotion in new and thought-provoking ways. Her desire to shift perspectives is clear in her illustration, inspired by her favorite movie genre, drama. “Being immersed in the sea of our deepest emotions can be a way to discover ourselves. Drama movies,” Rosa explains, “are perfect for that!”  


Jen Du

Jen Du, a multi-discipline artist from Beijing, China, focuses on modern geometric abstractionism, using geometric shapes and vibrant colors to create abstract figures or moods. Her love of musicals seeps through in her illustration for Global Movie Day. The genre “says so many things that words can’t say,” she shares, describing the genre as “joyful, warm and romantic” while also being “crazy, naive and old-fashioned.” “It has the similar spirit with my geometric abstraction art style.” 



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