There is no shortage of adorable animals on film. But which pet movie is the best? We took to the polls to get some answers.

We recently asked fans on Twitter what their favorite pet movie was, then pooled together entries we received after asking the same question to Academy members. Here's how the fans voted. Feel free to start your own drumroll...

According to our Twitter poll, The Aristocrats (1970) is the No. 1 pet movie amongst Twitter fans.

According to filmmakers, however, Best in Show (2000) was the aptly titled frontrunner. “Best In Show is parody at it's best," an anonymous Academy member noted with their vote. "The dogs are the heroes. The people are secondary, but funny.”


Here's how Academy members explained their favorite pet movies:

Dumbo (1941): “At a running time of just over 60 minutes, Dumbo packs more emotion, entertainment, pathos than films twice its length. I just adore its set pieces and the over all rhythm of the film. The painful separation of Dumbo from his mom and the ostracizing of the other by the Elephants was and is very prescient for its time and ours."

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961): “Cat is a crucial story element without being anthropomorphized. Animals are beings with their own unique non-human personalities and if we stop projecting human emotions and behavior onto them we can truly appreciate them on their on terms. Similarly with Holly Golightly — she lives outside human & social norms of her era and needs to be taken on her own terms — she and Cat are reflections of each other.”

The Spirit of the Beehive (1973): It’s real cinema. Bees are industrious mathematical lethal and they make the tastiest metaphors.”

A Boy and His Dog (1975): “Apocalypse.....murder....cannibalism (2024 isn't too far away) and a cute puppy called Blood. What's not to love?”


Contrary to filmmaker perspectives, here are a few pet movies that fans felt strongly about:

Lady and the Tramp (1955): "A classic.” 

The Incredible Journey (1963): "Covers your cat people and dog people. Everyone’s happy.”

Homeward Bound (1993): “Shadow was the definition of man's best friend, such a heart warming moment”

War Horse (2011): “This movie right here, always have to cry.”