Ever wondered what goes into drawing your favorite animated characters? Ahead of the 95th Oscars, the Academy sat down with the directors and artists behind some of this year's Best Animated Feature Film and Best Animated Short Film nominees for an inside look at their creative process, and asked them to draw the moment in which their characters receive an Oscar.

Watch the video above for an exclusive drawing session with Domee Shi (Turning Red), Joel Crawford (Puss In Boots: The Last Wish), Chris Williams (The Sea Beast) and João Gonzalez (Ice Merchants), and see their final drawings, below.

Domee Shi: "Meilin would be over the moon! She would be so excited to be holding that heavy, naked gold man, she would've poofed into a panda out of excitement."


Joel Crawford: "What I love about Puss in Boots is that there's this charisma, but underneath it all, he's a cat that's wearing boots... maybe the light that's reflecting off of the Oscar, creating kind of like a laser pointer effect, would totally distract Puss in Boots."


Chris Williams: "I drew Jacob Holland, one of the main characters from The Sea Beast, holding an Oscar. He seems quite happy with it!"


João Gonzalez: "This image is what came to my mind: It was father holding his son and the son holding the Oscar, so it's a double victory for him."


A.frame, the digital magazine of the Academy, is excited to celebrate and honor the nominees of the 95th Oscars across several branches by spotlighting their nominated films, craftsmanship, and personal stories. For more on this year's nominees, take a look at our Oscars hub. 


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