Looking to amp up your Blu-ray collection? Here are three terrific re-releases out just this week to highlight: The first is Robert Altman's 1975 satirical tour de force, Nashville, whose subject matter—a populist politician's presidential campaign, and all the hoopla that surrounds it—just keeps getting timelier. Next up is Brotherhood of the Wolf, a wildly inventive piece of French horror by Christophe Gans that liberally mixes together 19th century French true crime with age-old monster myths, plus a dash of the French revolution. Oh, and Jim Henson made the puppets. Finally there's A Place in the Sun, a six-time Oscar champ from 1951 directed by George Stevens, with Montgomery Clift as a factory worker torn between socialite Elizabeth Taylor and fellow laborer Shelley Winters. It's an unusually nuanced examination of class in America, and a necessity for any cinephile—as are the other two highlighted this week. Enjoy!