You either have Glenn-ergy or you don't.

And in the upcoming vengeance saga, Do Revenge, Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes have big, big Glenn-ergy — which is, of course, the vibe of Glenn Close's iconic character from Fatale Attraction. The dark comedy is like Hitchcock meets Heathers, as unlikely friends Eleanor (Hawke) and Drea (Mendes) team up to take on their tormentors.

"I spent 17 years meticulously curating the perfect life," Mendes' Drea says in the trailer. "I had the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend. But do you know where all of that got me? Absolutely destroyed."

After her boyfriend leaks her nudes to the whole school, fallen it girl Drea wants to get even. Meanwhile, new girl Eleanor has to share hallways with the bully who once spread a vicious rumor about her. So, the two girls come up with a plan: Exact each other's revenge. "I don't want to make her pay," Eleanor says. "I want to burn her to the ground."

That's Glenn-ergy.

Do Revenge is the sophomore feature from director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (who previously helmed 2019's Someone Great and wrote Thor: Love and Thunder with Taika Waititi) from a script she co-wrote with Celeste Ballard. As if the movie needed to be any cooler, the music comes courtesy of Este Haim — yes, that Haim — and Amanda Yamate.

Do Revenge hits Netflix on Sept. 16. Watch the trailer below.



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