"Welcome to the day shift, motherf*****."

So announces Snoop Dogg in the final moments of the Day Shift trailer, which is the exact energy we want from an action movie/horror film/comedy starring Jamie Foxx and Big Snoop Doggy Dogg as modern-day vampire hunters. "Vampire hunting is a business. Cut necks and cash your checks," Snoop explains.

Foxx (a Best Actor Oscar winner for 2004's Ray) stars as a blue collar pool cleaner in the San Fernando Valley, a front for his real job: Killing vampires and selling their fangs. Meagan Good plays his estranged ex, with Karla Souza as a vengeance-seeking vamp and Dave Franco as a representative from the union for vampire hunters.

"Vampires live amongst us. And all they are is murderers," Foxx's character tells Franco's in the trailer. "It's not Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 — it ain't like that."

"Why do you know the names to all the specific Twilight films?" Franco quips back. "And what's your gripe with Breaking Dawn: Part 2? It's the exciting conclusion of the whole Twilight saga."

The movie marks the directorial debut of stunt coordinator J.J. Perry, who is billed in the trailer as "the guy who taught John Wick how to kick ass." (He's also worked on the Fast and Furious movies.) The script is by Shay Hatten (Army of the Dead) and Tyler Tice.

Day Shift is streaming on Netflix on Aug. 12. Watch the trailer below.



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