An open letter from two of Hollywood's newest movie stars...

Gosh, we love movies. Trying to pick our favorite movies is like asking us to pick our favorite summer vest—impossible!

Favorite comedy: Well, the two of us do love to laugh, so let’s start with our favorite comedy. Hmm… guess we would HAVE to say Children of the Corn. We just love how those people couldn’t get out of that town! Haha! And all those kids?… We never finished the movie but it started out funny. 

Favorite action film: Our favorite action movie would have to be Finding Nemo. So many underwater troubles that little fish had to get out of! He was almost eaten! And all that swimming!? It was so suspenseful.

Favorite music: Okay, favorite musical would probably be...well this isn’t technically a film, but it should be adapted into one—it’s the 1-877-Kars4Kids commercial! (Singing: “Donate your car today...”) Haha! It’s so catchy. Get this to Broadway already!

Favorite theatrical experience? We both agree that it’s Tremors! Underground worms traveling around trying to eat Kevin Bacon and he is fighting them off and it’s so hard for him because they keep going back underground. 

Favorite foreign film: Willow

Oh! And if you’re looking for suggestions, we have a bunch of great movie/activity pairings for when you wanna watch a movie while you’re going about your day. Here goes!

Best movie to watch while you’re soaking in the tub: Kong.

Best movie to watch while you’re making soup: Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Best movie to watch while you’re laying in the sun and getting some rays: Mr. Bean goes ANYWHERE (Haha! We love him!).

Best movie to watch while you’re on the phone and not really listening to the call because you wanna be watching a movie: Interstellar!!! Or Wreck-It Ralph!

Best movie to watch while sitting in a waiting room: Definitely Face/Off. (Not to spoil it but Nicholas Cage and John Travolta take their faces off...and switch them!)

Best movie to watch after a foot procedure: She’s All That.  

And movie to watch when you’ve had too much tea and you can’t sleep: Herbie Goes Bananas. In fact, hey, that’s probably our favorite film!!! Should we just delete everything above and say Herbie Goes Bananas across the board? Or wait, what about The Aristocats? Shoot, can we still add Dirty Ho?

It’s too hard to pick!  As long as you have your best friend sitting by you, or on the phone, a small bowl of Wheat Thins crackers, and of course your most comfortable pair of elastic-waisted pants, we love to forget our worries for a couple of hours and step into another world.

Gosh we really do love movies! 


-Barb and Star

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The 93rd Oscars will be held on Sunday, April 25, 2021, and will be televised live on ABC and in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.