From the chicken shop to the 96th Oscars: Amelia Dimoldenberg will serve as this year's Oscars Ambassador. Dimoldenberg is the creator and host of the YouTube series, "Chicken Shop Date," on which she's interviewed celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Paul Mescal, and Cher. Now, she will bring her trademark interview style to the Oscars red carpet.

"I'm so excited. I really, really cannot believe it and can't wait to get to Los Angeles and do some amazing interviews," Dimoldenberg tells A.frame. "To be doing this for the Oscars itself is really, where do you go? It's all downhill from here!"

The Social Media Ambassador and Red Carpet Correspondent role is designed for an individual who has strong ties to both the entertainment industry and the world of social media. (You can follow Dimoldenberg on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.) Below, the London-based comedian teases how she will "put my own stamp on the Oscars."

A.frame: Do you have an earliest memory of watching the Oscars?

Well, my earliest memories of the Oscars are trying to find a way to watch them, because in London, they weren't really shown live on television because we'd be asleep. So, I remember waking up in the morning and putting on the breakfast news while getting ready for school and seeing all the highlight clips. And when I was in secondary school, I remember trying so hard to stay up to try and watch it live. But it was so difficult, especially when my mum would be like, 'Go to bed!' So, the first time I watched it live was last year when I was in America doing the Vanity Fair after-party.

But truly, my first memory was probably when The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won 11 awards. In 2004, they won basically everything, and I remember that clearly because of the volume of awards that they won. And because I was such a big Lord of the Rings fan. When I was in school, everyone used to call me Legolas, because of my ears. I've actually grown into them, but they were bigger when I was younger.

Out of all the nicknames you could get from the Lord of the Rings, this is not the worst.

I know. It's better than Gollum, isn't it?

What did it mean to you to get the call to serve as Oscars Ambassador?

I was just over the moon to get the news. It's been a dream of mine. What better place to interview Hollywood stars than the Oscars? For me, this is really a dream come true and a dream scenario, really. I'm also really excited to do something original and put my own stamp on the Oscars, to create some really amazing moments and deliver some amazing interviews — some groundbreaking pop culture journalism is incoming! [Laughs] I hope so anyway. But I'm trying to not to put too much pressure on myself, but I also just want to do a really, really good job. So, I'm thrilled to have been asked, and I'm even more excited to get these interviews out so everyone can see them.

How do you think the Oscars red carpet will differ from the chicken shop? And how will you bring a little bit of the Chicken Shop to the Oscars red carpet?

Sadly, it's just sticky floor in a chicken shop. There's no red carpet. But I feel like I'm bringing my personality and the same energy that there is on Chicken Shop onto the red carpet. And who knows? There might be a chicken nugget here or there. But I'm excited to do something a bit new and fresh, and it's not going to feel like a Chicken Shop Date. It will feel like its own thing. I'm the common denominator, obviously, but I'm excited to make this feel as fresh and original as it can be!

Is there anyone you would be particularly nervous or starstruck to interview?

I'd probably be starstruck to interview Martin Scorsese. He seems so funny from watching his daughter's TikToks of them together. He seems like he's got such a good sense of humor. And from other interviews I've seen with him, he seems like he is really fabulous, so I would love to meet him and to interview him. And then, I've met and interviewed Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie before, and I was really starstruck when I met them. I would love to speak to them again as well. There's just so many people on the list that I'd love to meet. Cillian Murphy would be amazing to interview, and Emma Stone! Oh, my gosh, I would love to interview Emma Stone. I just watched Poor Things and she's magnificent in that. And again, she seems like she's a really good time.

Do you have a favorite moviegoing experience from this past year?

I'd say Barbie, because I hosted the premiere for that in London, and it was unbelievable. What a moment in pop culture history to be a part of! I dressed up as a 'TV Anchor Barbie' in my blonde wig and custom outfit, and then to watch the film for the first time at the premiere with all the cast, it was really amazing. And it's such a fun, fantastic film. And then the next day, I saw Oppenheimer, and I loved that too!

You had the "Barbenheimer" double-feature of most people's dreams.

I know! Lucky me.


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