A.frame, the digital magazine of the Academy, is excited to celebrate and honor the nominees of the 96th Oscars across several branches by spotlighting their nominated films, craftsmanship, and personal stories. For more on this year's nominees, take a look at our Oscars hub.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Hear directly from the brilliant writers nominated this year for Best Adapted Screenplay and gain insight into how these incredible stories came to life on the big screen.

Best Cinematography

Peer through the lenses of this year's Oscar-nominated cinematographers.

Best Costume Design

Get a glimpse into the artistic minds of this year's Best Costume Design nominees who have captivated audiences worldwide with their visually stunning designs.

Best Film Editing

Film editors are vital in shaping a film's narrative and enhancing the experience of the viewer. They artfully piece together footage, sound, and music to create impactful stories that keep audiences engaged. Listen to this year's nominated film editors discuss their process.

Best Makeup & Hairstyling

The incredible artistry and skills of this year's Best Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar nominees transformed talented actors into unforgettable characters.

Best Original Screenplay

Through their unique voices and creative vision, the writers behind this year's Oscar-nominated original screenplays showcase the diverse and rich storytelling that cinema has to offer. The Academy is thrilled to recognize their remarkable abilities and outstanding contributions.

Best Production Design

Get a glimpse into the minds that created the worlds in this year's most visually stunning films with our exclusive look at the Best Production Design nominees.

Best Score

A film's score is crucial in setting the mood of the film and elevating every single one of its scenes — from heart-wrenching melodies to hair-raising themes. The Academy is thrilled to celebrate the skilled composers in this year's Best Original Score category. Gain insight into their creative processes and learn how they create the music that enhances the films and leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

Best Sound

Sound isn't just a background element — it's a crucial component that enhances the cinematic experience. Hear directly from this year's Best Sound nominees on how they created the immersive and captivating soundscapes in their respective films.

Best Visual Effects

Visual effects combines incredible artistry and technical mastery, and nowhere is that more evident than in the work of this year's Best Visual Effects Oscar nominees. Meet and learn from the artists who elevated the visuals of this year's Oscar-nominated films.


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