A new class of Oscar nominees has arrived.

After months of anticipation, this year’s Oscar nominations were officially unveiled on Jan. 24 by Oscar winner Riz Ahmed and M3GAN star and executive producer Allison Williams. The nominations come over a month ahead of the official 95th Oscars, which will be held at the Dolby® Theatre at Ovation Hollywood on Sunday, March 12. The ceremony will be broadcast live that night on ABC and in more than 200 territories worldwide.

Following the announcement, many of this year's esteemed nominees — including a number of first-time Oscar contenders — reacted to their nominations. Below, A.frame has rounded up all those reactions.

Best Picture

Edward Berger, 'All Quiet on the Western Front'

“When I asked my daughter if I should make All Quiet On The Western Front she said I should, so… here we are. Making a film is alchemy and if the right people and circumstances come together, if you are lucky enough, then somehow, miraculously, audiences connect to the experience. Thank you to everyone who has watched the film. Thank you to the Academy for this recognition. And thank you to my happy band of incredible collaborators. We are so very humbled by these nominations."

Malte Grunert, 'All Quiet on The Western Front'

"Thank you to the Academy for this incredible honor. All Quiet on The Western Front has a history with the Academy. The first film adaptation was produced in Hollywood in 1929, at a time when this film already couldn’t have been made in Germany anymore and Hollywood was beginning to become a refuge for so many artists fleeing Europe. The film went on to receive two Academy Awards. To be connected to this history with our film, the first German-language adaptation of [Erich Maria] Remarque’s literary masterpiece, makes us incredibly proud. Thank you very much."

Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Gail Berman, Patrick McCormick, and Schuyler Weiss, 'Elvis'

"We couldn't be more honored by the Academy's recognition of Elvis with eight nominations. For many of us, bringing Elvis to the screen has been a more than 10-year journey, and we couldn't be prouder of everyone involved. A huge congratulations to Austin Butler, who devoted more than three years to the role of Elvis and whose performance transcended our expectations every day. We celebrate our incomparable crafts teams, from production and costume design to hair and makeup, editing, sound and the historic inclusion of cinematographer Mandy Walker — only the third woman ever to be nominated for cinematography. Today's incredible acknowledgements reaffirm for us all what a privilege it has been to contribute to Elvis Presley's enduring legacy."

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Sheinert, and Jonathan Wang, 'Everything Everywhere All at Once'

"Wow…we are still processing this surreal list of nominations, but we keep thinking about the folks who have celebrated our film this past year and have shared how much it has meant to them. You got us here and we can feel you celebrating alongside us this morning. Thank you!Also, being able to be a small part of Michelle’s legacy as she becomes the first Asian woman to be nominated for Best Actress, is an honor we will cherish all our days. Thank you to the Academy for this embarrassment of riches, thank you A24 for championing this movie from day one, and congrats to all our beautiful friends who got nominated this morning! We love you!"

Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, and Mike Larocca, 'Everything Everywhere All at Once'

"On behalf of everyone at AGBO, we are honored that the Academy has recognized Everything Everywhere All At Once. Huge congratulations to Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert, Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephanie Hsu, and the entire team responsible for the 11 outstanding nominations including Best Picture! The Daniels are innovative filmmakers who crafted a beautiful, transcendent film. We are proud to be a part of this film, and grateful for the Oscar nominations this morning."

Steven Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger, and Tony Kushner, 'The Fabelmans'

"We as filmmakers focused on the joys, challenges and complexities of one family, and it's so rewarding to be recognized not only by the Academy, but by those who have told us they see their own experiences reflected back in The Fabelmans. We became a family working on this story about family, and with one voice we want to say – on behalf of our entire cast and crew – how grateful we are for the recognition this morning."

Jerry Bruckheimer, 'Top Gun: Maverick'

"On behalf of Tom [Cruise], all the filmmakers, cast, Paramount and everyone who worked on Top Gun: Maverick, we are so honored by this recognition from the Academy. This being my first-ever Oscar nomination makes it that much more special. Congratulations to all the nominees. We look forward to celebrating with you."

Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Frances McDormand, 'Women Talking'

"Thank you to the members of the Academy. We came together to make WOMEN TALKING in the hopes it would bring audiences together and lead to conversations about what it could and would look like to imagine a different future. This acknowledgement is a tremendous gift toward that possibility, and we are very grateful."

Actor in a Leading Role

Paul Mescal, 'Aftersun'

"This is truly a special moment for everyone involved in Aftersun. To be recognized by the Academy is such an insane honour and I'm so utterly grateful. I want to dedicate this nomination to my two friends Charlotte [Wells] and Frankie [Corio] who I love dearly! This is bananas, thank you!"

Colin Farrell, 'The Banshees of Inisherin'

"Just so grateful to the Academy for all the love it's shared with the Banshees cast and crew. Also, beyond honored to be lumped together with my fellow nominees. A heartfelt congratulations to all the lads!"

Austin Butler, 'Elvis'

"So many of my heroes are my friends that I’m rooting for. I was really excited to hear that my good friend Barry Keoghan got nominated as well today and Everything Everywhere All at Once, and Banshees… I also just adore Brendan and I’m so excited for him. I love Colin and he’s been really sweet to me and Paul’s a friend of mine, as well and Bill Nighy! It’s been a really wonderful part about this whole experience, getting to be around all these other actors and artists, like Martin McDonagh — I’m so excited for him. There are a lot of people; I could go on and on. I’m just so proud of everybody, and so privileged and humbled to be included among them all."

Bill Nighy, 'Living'

"Everyone associated with Living is honoured by the Academy's nomination and grateful for the spotlight it throws upon the film. We hope it will encourage people to see it. I was surrounded by assassins and this belongs to them all."

Brendan Fraser, 'The Whale'

"I'm absolutely overjoyed and deeply grateful to The Academy for this recognition and for recognizing Hong Chau’s beautiful performance and Adrien Morot's incredible makeup. I wouldn’t have this nomination without Darren Aronofsky, Samuel D. Hunter, A24 and the extraordinary cast and crew who gave me the gift of Charlie. A gift I certainly didn’t see coming, but it’s one that has profoundly changed my life. THANK YOU!"

Actor in a Supporting Role

Brendan Gleeson, 'The Banshees of Inisherin'

"What an amazing wake-up call! I'm so proud and grateful to be part of The Banshees of Inisherin on a personal and professional level. I'm absolutely thrilled for the whole brilliant cast and everyone at home. What a day for the Irish film industry on a world stage! Feels like a huge family outing on the cards! Thank you Academy. Thank you Martin! Thank you all!"

Barry Keoghan, 'The Banshees of Inisherin'

"It's really nice to be recognized along with my Banshees team. Martin, I'm grateful to you for taking the chance on me. And Colin, I love you bro. Thank you to the Academy. This one's for you, Brando."

Brian Tyree Henry, 'Causeway'

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!️️️ I am beyond honored to be nominated!!!!! And in such amazing company!!! I'm so grateful. And to the random man in the elevator who saw me scream at the news, thank you for hugging me and not freaking out!!!!!!"

Ke Huy Quan, 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'

"I cannot even begin to describe how incredible this feeling is to be recognized as an Oscar nominee! Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine this moment. It still doesn’t feel real! Thank you so much to The Academy for this wonderful honor and for believing in our little movie. The outpouring of love and the warm welcome back is something I will cherish forever. To my fellow nominees - I am floored by your work, and I feel very lucky to be standing alongside you today. To my Everything Everywhere All At Once family, CONGRATULATIONS! I love you!!!"

Judd Hirsch, 'The Fabelmans'

"In truth, I am surprised, humbled and thankful to be deserving of such an honor. And Steven Spielberg….what can I say."

Actress in a Leading Role

Michelle Yeoh, 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'

"I am overwhelmed and overjoyed with happiness! Every single person who worked on this film poured their heart and soul into it, and we are all so grateful to the Academy for recognizing so many from our Everything Everywhere All At Once family. Playing Evelyn Wang has been one of the great privileges of my 40 year career. It is truly the role of a lifetime. Thank you to Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert for seeing me and for this opportunity, I will forever cherish this moment."

Actress in a Supporting Role

Kerry Condon, 'The Banshees of Inisherin'

"I'm not sure I can articulate how I feel. 'Was it a vision or a waking dream?' This is something I have wanted my whole life. Thank you to the Academy for recognizing me and the cast and crew members of The Banshees of Inisherin."

Angela Bassett, 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

"This morning is a little extra special in the Bassett Vance household with news of my Oscar nomination. What has drawn me to each of the women I've portrayed throughout my career is their strength, compassion, resilience, and power. Wakanda Forever's Queen Ramonda is a character that touched my spirit because she is a mother and a leader who must care for her grieving nation as much as she cares for her family in mourning. Ramonda is a love letter that reflects and acknowledges what we women do everyday. There was so much to unpack as an actress because it's brilliant storytelling, alongside a wealth of talent in front of and behind the camera.

I'm thankful to the Academy for including me amongst a wonderful group of actresses. Congratulations to my fellow Wakanda Forever nominees - Ryan Coogler, Ruth E. Carter, Camille Friend, Joel Harlow, Rihanna, Tems, Ludwig Göransson, Geoffrey Baumann, Craig Hammack, R. Christopher White and Dan Sudick. I look forward to March 12 as we cheer for and celebrate with one another."

Jamie Lee Curtis, 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'

"It was never even in my wildest dream box. I have always felt very much like an outsider looking in and yet always so grateful for any and all opportunities I have had. Being a part of this beautiful movie, which just received so many acknowledgments for our talented, motley crew of artists, is the highlight of my professional life. As this is a movie about a family of immigrants and their struggles through life, immediately I'm thinking of my parents, children of immigrants from Hungary and Denmark, whose families came here and sacrificed for their children to achieve their dreams. I can only imagine what it would feel like for them and their parents to hear that their daughter/granddaughter was nominated this morning for an Oscar. I am stunned and humbled and excited for our little movie that could and did and based on today's nominations, continues to do and do and do."

Hong Chau, 'The Whale'

"l am overjoyed by this morning’s news. Being a part of this film was an unforgettable experience, and I share this nomination with the creative and talented people alongside whom I worked on this project. And a big congrats to Brendan, my co-star and dear friend, as well as our amazing hair and makeup team on their nominations this morning. Thank you so much to the Academy for this recognition and a special thank you to Darren, A24, and the entire cast and crew of The Whale."

Animated Feature Film

Guillermo del Toro, 'Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio'

“We are so grateful to the Academy and honored that the medium of animation is accepted for the art form that it truly is. We made this film to reaffirm what it means to be human and to share a fable about life, love and loss. We thank all of our collaborators, our amazing cast and dedicated family of crew & animators who have painstakingly given their all throughout the many years it took to bring our Pinocchio to life."

Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico, 'Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio'

"To follow Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson on this adventure has been the thrill of a lifetime. On behalf of everyone on our amazing crew, and the friends and family that supported this incredible endeavor, it is an absolute honor to be recognized by the Academy for this accomplishment, thank you, thank you! And thank you Ted Sarandos and the entire team at Netflix for the unwavering support in bringing our beloved little wooden boy to life!"

Dean Fleischer Camp, 'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On'

"I am deeply flattered and beside myself, and holy sh*t, just a pile on the floor. Thank you to the Academy for championing new voices and recognizing all our hard work over the last decade. This film is all about family and community, and this honor belongs most of all to the one that helped me make this film."

Joel Crawford, 'Puss in Boots: The Last Wish'

"Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is about appreciating your life and the people you choose to spend it with. To have our film nominated for an Oscar is a testament to the work of an enormously talented and passionate family of cast and crew that never stopped striving to tell the most heartfelt, poignant story possible and I truly appreciate each and every one of them. Thank you so much to the members of the Academy for recognizing our work. To be in the company alongside filmmakers that I hold in such high regard is truly humbling and a moment I'll treasure."

Mark Swift, 'Puss in Boots: The Last Wish'

"What a truly amazing honor for our cast and crew. It's been over a decade since our fearless hero graced the big screen and over 400 dedicated people worked tirelessly with great care to make sure we got his story just right. I’ve been lucky to work on animated movies for over 30 years and this film is incredibly special to me. It has been wonderful to see how it has connected with audiences in such a meaningful way. I’m so proud of the team that brought this to the big screen and on behalf of them my heartfelt thanks to the Academy for nominating our film."

Chris Williams, 'The Sea Beast'

"I'm especially grateful that The Sea Beast was nominated, given that it was an incredible year for animation. There were so many great films that were nominated and many more that easily could have been. Our intrepid crew poured their hearts into this film and gave it everything they had. They deserve this recognition, and I'm so proud of them."

Domee Shi, 'Turning Red'

"Thank you to the Academy for this incredible honor. While Turning Red is a very personal story, inspired by my life as a Chinese-Canadian tween struggling with the messiness of adolescence, it also represents a universal struggle of what it means to come into your own person. For me, that meant an entire feature film dedicated to figuring out my own relationship with my own mother - but making it relatable to everyone else. And though I realize not everyone out there is exactly like me, my hope is that people can realize that growing up is weird for EVERYBODY! So I share this nomination with my entire cast and crew at Pixar, and with all the kids out there who are full of so much angst while finding their own way to being an adult - magical puberty not required!"


Darius Khondji, 'Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths'

“I want to send thanks and share this moment with our amazing director, our great crew on Bardo and the fascinating Mexico City that inspired us. Thank you to my fellow cinematographers and The Academy for having nominated our film for Best Cinematography.”

Mandy Walker, 'Elvis'

"Having the opportunity to make a film with such a visionary as Baz Luhrmann is an honor in itself, and to be recognized for my work by the Academy and my peers with this nomination is absolutely amazing. Taking the audience on the epic journey of Elvis' life was a fantastic feat that wouldn't have been possible without our amazing creative team, incredible cast, and the support from beginning to end by Warner Bros. and our fabulous producers. I am so proud of our movie and all of the hard work that went into making it the spectacle that it is. Thank you!"

Roger Deakins, 'Empire of Light'

"I'm happy to be nominated because it reflects the exceptional work of everyone on the film. The end result was definitely a group effort."

Florian Hoffmeister, 'Tár'

Wow… I didn’t know! It’s crazy, this is crazy! I actually feel so completely overwhelmed on so many levels, I cannot tell you, just how seriously overwhelmed I am!! Many years ago, when I got drawn into the art of filmmaking, it were the films that enabled me to ask questions that inspired me most. Todd script and his vision as a director tapped right into this love and I consider it a true honour to have worked alongside him and Cate on a journey that asked us to disappear and let the film carry itself. Sometimes it is really difficult to be really simple. And to be recognised for this is as much an honour as it is overwhelming right now. Thanks dear Academy, and thanks to all the people that supported me on this journey."

Costume Design

Ruth E. Carter, 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

"I'm proud to be amongst this incredible group of nominees, especially my fellow Wakanda Forever colleagues. I feel very honored that my peers recognized the heart and soul put into the texture of storytelling."

Mary Zophres, 'Babylon'

"Thank you to the Academy for this incredible recognition! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience working on this film filled with such dedicated and talented creatives. My fabulous team created thousands of unique pieces to bring Damien’s tale of old Hollywood to life and we couldn’t be prouder of the final film. I’m honored to be included amongst the other brilliant visionaries in this category. Thank you!"

Jenny Beavan, 'Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris'

"I am completely thrilled with the Oscar nomination for Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris — not just for me and my Team Harris Costume, but also for the recognition of our film! Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris seems to me exactly what we all need at the moment — a heart-warming feisty film about achieving your dreams!! Go Mrs. Harris!!"


Martin McDonagh, 'The Banshees of Inisherin'

"So stunned and thrilled about the 9 Oscar nominations for The Banshees of Inisherin! Especially happy that my good friends Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Kerry Condon and Barry Keoghan were nominated in the acting categories, all as first time nominees, and that our wonderful score and editing, by Carter Burwell and Mikkel Nielsen, were recognised too. Massive thanks to the Academy. I think we're going to have a fun night!"

Steven Spielberg, 'The Fabelmans'

"Making The Fabelmans was a once-in-my-lifetime experience, and it wouldn't have happened without the love, encouragement and support of my family of collaborators, as well as my real family, particularly my wife Kate and my sisters – Anne, Sue and Nancy. To be nominated by the Academy is always an incredible honor – but for this film even more so because of its deeply personal roots, and the only thing missing from my leaping heart is not being able to have my parents in the room for how much they’d be freaking out right now."

Todd Field, 'Tár'

"On behalf of everyone responsible for the making of TÁR, we're overjoyed by the recognition the Academy has shown our film, specifically the work of Cate Blanchett, Monika Willi, and Florian Hoffmeister. I'll admit that for me personally, after 16 years away, it's an emotional morning — and overwhelming, returning to this incredible community and to be afforded the rarest of privileges, that of celebrating the art of cinema."

Ruben Östlund, 'Triangle of Sadness'

"Ahoy! My gratitude goes out to the Academy this evening. Free Botox for everyone!! Maybe now I’ll lose the 'Swedish director freaks out title.' It is the perfect dramaturgy! The 'triangle of sadness' refers to the space just below one’s forehead, between their eyebrows, that is often considered the first thing to go as we age. In Sweden, we call it, 'the trouble wrinkle' and its emergence suggests that the owner has lived a life filled with struggle. This production was not that… As a director, one of the things I value most is the communal experience we all share when watching something together on the big screen. This film, perhaps more so than any of my previous work, is truly made for cinemas. It is loud, unapologetically in your face and meant to elicit strong reactions. I am so lucky to do what I get to do while working with an all-star ensemble cast of actors and the production team who were all crazy enough to go on this wild ride with me."

Documentary Feature Film

Sara Dosa, 'Fire of Love'

"This nomination is a life changing occurrence - a profound honor for which me and my entire team share boundless gratitude. We worked tirelessly to create a piece of cinema that weaves together Katia and Maurice’s story from the myriad materials and memories that they left behind. I am deeply indebted to my extraordinary collaborators, National Geographic Documentary Films and most notably, Katia and Maurice Krafft who taught us that the understanding that comes forth from deep inquiry and exploration can be another form of love."

Simon Lereng Wilmont, 'The House Made of Splinters'

"Thank you to Final Cut For Real, Moonman, Arte, POV, BBC, Cinephil, and the entire international crew. We are incredibly proud to be working with all of you. Without you, there would be no film."

Documentary Short Film

Kartiki Gonsalves, 'The Elephant Whisperers'

"It's such an honor to have an Indian Indigenous documentary from the heart of South India acknowledged across the world. Thank you, members of the Academy for nominating The Elephant Whisperers. I am very thankful to the wonderful team at Netflix for believing in the power of this truly unique family story which showcases the lovely sacred bond between man and animal. The Elephant Whisperers is a hopeful story of respect for and cooperation with nature in an era rife with conflict and denial of the threats to our beautiful planet. We hope this film helps create more awareness, empathy, and connection to elephants and other living beings that we share our spaces with.

It took five years to make my debut documentary The Elephant Whisperers, a long personal journey from the place I call home, that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Kattunayakan Community, who opened their hearts and trusted us with their unique experiences and a pathway ahead. On behalf of Bomman, Bellie and our beautiful elephant friends Raghu and Ammu, we are thrilled to receive this great honor!"

Jay Roseblatt, 'How Do You Measure a Year?'

"It is such an honor to be nominated for a film that is so personal, intimate and with a subject who is so dear to my heart. I am so grateful to my documentary peers for this incredible recognition."

Anne Alvergue and Debra McClutchy, 'The Martha Mitchell Effect'

"We are so honored to be nominated for Best Documentary Short. 50 years later, Martha's story couldn't be more relevant today. This is for her and all the women who have been silenced when speaking truth to power."

Film Editing

Mikkel E.G. Nielsen, 'The Banshees of Inisherin'

"THANK YOU ACADEMY. I’m incredibly honoured for this nomination and very thankful for Martin McDonagh inviting me on his fantastic film."

Matt Villa and Jonathan Redmond, 'Elvis'

"It's such an honour to receive this nomination amongst such extraordinary fellow nominees. It’s been a long road — Baz shared his vision for this story with us more than five years ago — so we're thrilled to see the Elvis cast and crew recognised in such a wonderful way."

Paul Rogers, 'Everything Everywhere All at Once'

"What an honor! Thank you to my entire incredible team, and especially to Zoe Mao and Aashish D’Mello, two geniuses who saved our lives constantly throughout the editing process. And congratulations and thank you of course to my directors, my co-editors, and my friends: Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. 'Nothing matters!'"

Eddie Hamilton, 'Top Gun: Maverick'

"I am buzzing. I have been watching the Academy Awards for as long as I can remember, and it’s a dream come true to be going to the Oscars in 2023. Congratulations to all the Editors nominated today, it’s an honor to share this moment with you. I am thrilled that Top Gun: Maverick has received so much love from audiences around the world. Thanks to Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer, Christopher McQuarrie, Joe Kosinski, David Ellison, and everybody at Paramount Pictures for giving me this opportunity."

International Feature Film

Santiago Mitre, 'Argentina, 1985'

“I am overwhelmed by emotion this morning and so grateful to be recognized by the Academy along with these other amazing filmmakers. It was a great honor for me to tell this story, which is not only deeply personal for Argentinians, but also urgent for countless people across the world. The future of democracy is in our hands."

Lukas Dhont, 'Close'

"13-year-old me, camera in hand, is jumping up and down screaming in his bedroom! For a long time I thought of cinema as a possibility to escape reality, a place to completely disappear. But fellow Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman showed me it could also become a space to confront the expectations, codes and roles assigned to me as a teenager. I couldn’t be more grateful that this piece about that fragile age is celebrated to this extent. I am grateful to the Academy, A24 and everyone who was with us on the journey of making Close."

Jerzy Skolimowski and Ewa Piaskowska, 'EO'

"Thank you so much to the Academy for recognizing EO, we are honored to be included amongst such a wonderful group of films. The entire EO team feels absolutely blown away by the nomination, humbled and grateful in equal measure by this amazing honor for a heartfelt story of a simple donkey. Thank you so much to the film critics who recognized and celebrated EO, and thank you to the cinemas around the world who have been playing this film since this fall. We made EO for the big screen, and we are thrilled it resonated with so many hearts across the world during its run in theaters. We are especially indebted to all animals collaborating on this film, especially our lovable donkeys: Tako, Hola, Ettore, Marietta, Rocco and Mela. No amount of carrots will ever be able to fully express our thanks to them."

Colm Bairéad and Cleona Ní Chrualaoi, 'The Quiet Girl'

"We are honoured beyond words that An Cailín Ciúin / The Quiet Girl has been nominated for the 95th Academy Awards. This is a truly historic and meaningful moment for Irish film, the Irish people and the Irish language. Never before has an Irish film been nominated in this category. Never before has Irish-language art been given such a platform. This film has been an extraordinary labour of love and it has been a joy to see audiences the world over take it into their hearts. Our sincere thanks to the members of the Academy for embracing An Cailín Ciúin / The Quiet Girl and giving her a voice. Our huge thanks also to the funders of this film; TG4, Screen Ireland and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, to the Irish Film and Television Academy, Bankside Films and to all of our wonderful distributors around the world."

Makeup and Hairstyling

Camille Friend, 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

"I am truly honored and grateful for this recognition, it is one of the highlights of my career. It looks like the third time is the charm. I thank the Hair and Makeup branch members of the Academy for their vote as well as my fellow nominee Joel Harlow and all of the hair stylists, barbers, and craftsmen who worked on the film."

Joel Harlow, 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

"On behalf of the makeup team I am overjoyed to represent them and this incredible film in receiving this morning’s Oscar nomination for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever."

Music (Original Score)

Volker Bertelmann, 'All Quiet on the Western Front'

"I am excited and honored to be nominated for an Oscar. To be part of such a well-crafted and meaningful film means a lot to me. The collaboration with director Edward Berger was always based on being experimental and with a lot of freedom. I am very thankful for that. Congrats to Edward, producer Malte Grunert and the entire team on all their nominations."

Justin Hurwitz, 'Babylon'

"I'm beyond thrilled to be recognized by the Academy for the Babylon score. As soon as Damien had a script for his wild and beautiful movie, I started a three year search for very special musicians who could bring their unique talent and flair to the music. I want to thank the musicians because without them, the Babylon musical performances and score wouldn’t be what they are."

Carter Burwell, 'The Banshees of Inishershin'

"It’s an honor to be nominated for Original Score for The Banshees of Inisherin with these other wonderful composers. It was a good year for film music. And such a joy that the whole cast of our film is nominated, as well as Mikkel for the editing which set the pace for so much of my music. But most of all, I’m so grateful Martin McDonagh made this odd film, the opposite of a crowd-pleaser, which nonetheless is pleasing crowds."

John Williams, 'The Fabelmans'

"I'm very grateful to the Academy for their kind recognition, and I'm enormously grateful to Steven Spielberg for offering me the opportunity to compose the score for this very special and personal film."

Music (Original Song)

Ludwig Göransson, 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

"I feel deep gratitude to have collaborated with Rihanna, Tems and Ryan Coogler on a song as profoundly personal as 'Lift Me Up.'  For it to be recognized by the Academy is a huge honor. 'Lift Me Up' is a song that holds great meaning to us as it was written as a tribute to the extraordinary life and legacy of our friend, the late Chadwick Boseman, and his influence on this film. It felt cathartic and healing to write this song. We could not be more proud of this musical tribute and the unique collaboration that brought it to life."

Diane Warren, 'Tell It Like a Woman'

"Wow! This is so amazingly cool. It's my 14th nomination but it feels like the first. I'm truly grateful for the recognition for this song."

Production Design

Christian Goldbeck, 'All Quiet on the Western Front'

"I am humbled by this wonderful nomination. My thanks goes to my amazing team and the other heads of department. This was truly a team effort."

Dylan Cole, Ben Procter, and Vanessa Cole, 'Avatar: The Way of Water'

"We are incredibly honored by the Academy’s nomination, which reflects the massive efforts by so many talented and dedicated people here in the Los Angeles and New Zealand. We are very proud of all the work created by this unparalleled creative team and we congratulate them all. The amazing reception for this film has been humbling and none of this would be possible without the visionary mind of Jim Cameron. Thank you for letting us bring your world to life. Congratulations to all the nominees!"

Florencia Martin, 'Babylon'

"I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation to members of the Motion Picture Academy for this Oscar nomination. It is so rewarding to be recognized alongside my fellow nominees — congratulations! As BABYLON depicted, a movie stands as a permanent lasting achievement for everyone who together joined artistic forces to will and shape it into being. Thank you to our fearless director Damien Chazelle, to our studio Paramount Pictures, to our cinematographer Linus Sandgren — and to our wonderful art, set decoration, construction and props departments for their dedication and tremendous work in creating this world."

Animated Short Film

Charlie Mackesy, 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse'

"Hello. I can't believe the short film has been nominated for an Oscar. 'Will there be cake?' asked the mole. Thank you for all your kindness."

Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis, 'The Flying Sailor'

"We are absolutely blown away by this fabulous news and, like our sailor, we’re flying high! The National Film Board of Canada has our endless gratitude for their unwavering support, and for making films like ours possible in the first place. We share this honour with our stellar creative team, especially producer David Christensen and sound designer Luigi Allemano."

Live Action Short Film

Alice Rohrwacher, 'Le Pupille'

"It's an incredible honor for this little film about disobedient school girls to be nominated in the Live Action Short category. From the wonderful Alfonso Cuarón first approaching me with the idea of making a short film about Christmas, to the exquisite writings of the star Elsa Morante that inspired Le Pupille, and the great Goffredo Fofi who pushed me to read this story about scandals, rebellion and a disproportionate cake. I want to thank the brilliant cast and crew who worked through the pandemic to bring our film to life, Alba Rohrwacher and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi who have illuminated this story and the beautiful and rowdy girls who participated. Making this big-little short and partnering with Disney to get it out in the world has been a magical journey. We’re so grateful to have been recognized among so many beautiful films from all over the world."

Alfonso Cuarón, 'Le Pupille'

"It was an honor to collaborate on Le Pupille with Alice Rohrwacher, who I believe is one of the most important filmmakers right now. I am thrilled that her very specific and beautiful cinematic voice has been recognized by the Academy."


Frank Kruse, 'All Quiet on the Western Front'

"I could be wrong but I think this is the first time ever since Das Boot that a German film has been nominated for Best Sound and since that film was a big inspiration for one of the scenes in All Quiet on the Western Front, we are more than honoured and speechless about our nomination and another 8 nominations for this incredible team. There were a lot of explosions in our film but today our heads exploded hearing about our Oscar nomination! Thank you AMPAS!"

Andy Nelson, 'The Batman' and 'Elvis'

"It's a thrill and an honor to receive these two nominations today for ELVIS and THE BATMAN. I am immensely proud of both films, and beyond happy that the Academy decided to recognize each of them today. It’s always a delightful shock to hear your name on this particular morning, and surprising and flattering to learn that I’ve become one of the most nominated living people…I didn't know I was going into the history books! Wasn’t ready for that!"

James Mather, 'Top Gun: Maverick'

"We are thrilled and honoured to be recognised by our peers for this nomination, with heartfelt thanks to everyone on both sides of the pond who helped make this soundtrack what it is."

Visual Effects

Frank Petzold, 'All Quiet on the Western Front'

"The VFX team is so incredibly honored and happy to see our work nominated today! With 9 nominations it really shows that the whole team under Edward's direction crafted an amazing picture and the feedback is stunning."

Richard Baneham, 'Avatar: The Way of Water'

"It’s lovely to be nominated, it’s truly a recognition of our whole team, both here in LA and in NZ. The visual FX of this film stands on the shoulders of fantastic performances from our cast. As artists it was our job to protect those performances and shepherd them to screen in the most visually compelling way possible. Congratulations to each and every one of our artists on a job well done! The single biggest contribution on the artistic side came from Jim himself. It’s also an honor to be recognized alongside the other films and filmmakers within our shared categories and I must say, it’s great to be nominated with so many other Irish filmmakers. It’s a great year for Irish film."

Geoffrey Baumann, 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

"What an honor it is for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to be nominated for achievement in Visual Effects, alongside the other outstanding work presented. It is truly a result of collaboration and passion for storytelling from prep production through post. On behalf of the hundreds of VFX artists around the world, Ryan Coogler, and all of the cast and crew thank you."

Craig Hammack, 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'

"Wow, for myself and the ILM work to be recognized as part of this nomination is very rewarding.  These movies do not get made easily, and the hundreds of people that made up the ILM crew on Black Panther are some of the most talented and committed out there.  I’m thrilled for their hard work and dedication to get this kind of recognition, as well as Geoff and everyone on the Marvel VFX team."

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Kazuo Ishiguro, 'Living'

"So honored to be nominated alongside people of such lavish talent! For a life-long movie fan like me, this news has been just as thrilling as the time I heard I’d won the Nobel Prize!"

Sarah Polley, 'Women Talking'

"I'm very happy today and so grateful to the incredible collective of cast and crew who made Women Talking."

Writing (Original Screenplay)

Rian Johnson, 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery'

"I'm incredibly grateful to my fellow writers in the Academy, and so proud to be included in such a stellar group of nominees."


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