Here's what you missed during our watch party of The Big Sick. Be sure to follow @TheAcademy on Twitter so you get the invite for our next one!

1. Judd Apatow discovered Kumail and Emily's story from a podcast.

2. Kumail and Emily did actually "meet cute."

3. Filming the hospital scene was the first time Emily had been back since getting sick.

4. This scene was cut to keep the beef between Kumail and Emily's parents cooking a little longer.

5. Debating weirdness falls somewhere in between giving somebody a mixed tape and moving in with them.

6. Much like the movie entirely, Emily explained how they kept Kumail and Ray Romano's 'sleepover' scene funny, but real, at the same time.

7. Ray Romano also knows how to BYODJ: Bring Your Own Dad Jokes.

8. Don't take your problems out on other people.

9. That stuffed giraffe Kumail brings to Emily in the hospital became the cast and crew's mascot.

10. Emily V. Gordon does have an actual goth photo.

11. The Big Sick doesn't just tell Kumail and Emily's story.